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BBBS Calgary and Area Seeking Nominations for Board of Directors

There are fourteen (14) Director positions on the Board, at least two (2) for members of Contributing Canadian Progress Clubs (“CPC”), at most eleven (11) for Community members, and one for any Past President or Chair. As of the upcoming Annual General Meeting, being held on June 18, 2018, there will be one vacancy in the CPC category, one vacancy in the Past President category, and three (3) vacancies in the Community category.

The terms of six (6) current Community Directors, Warren Book, Judy Burke, Breanne Oliver, Dean Proctor, Michael Smith, and Abby Steinberg, expire in June 2018, and it is expected that all except for Judy Burke and Michael Smith, will seek re-election.

Call for Nominations

Taking the foregoing into account, the Board is seeking nominations for one new CPC Director, one Past President, and three (3) new Community Directors with broad community perspective and experience with not-for-profit organizations, to help in achieving BBBS’s strategic goals.

Download a copy of the Nomination Form.

Information from Nominators and from Nominees must be submitted in electronic format.

Please submit your electronic forms to President and CEO’s Executive Assistant at calgary.ea@bigbrothersbigsisters.ca by June 1, 2018.