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Meet Emily, Senior Engagement Coordinator & Big Sister

Hi, I’m Emily and I am a Senior Engagement Coordinator and lead on our Engagement Team. I have worked at Big Brothers Big Sisters for 5 years in various roles related to enrolling volunteers, children and families into our program, from training, to interviews to the matching of Bigs and Littles.

If you apply to volunteer with us or enroll your child or youth to receive a mentor, there’s a good chance you might talk to me over the phone or maybe meet me in person. I love my job because I get to meet diverse and passionate new volunteers and families almost every day!

In addition to working for the organization, I have also been a volunteer mentor for 4 years with the same mentee. We started out in the In-School Mentoring program for 3.5 years and have now made a transition into the community-based Big Sister program. I feel so lucky to both work and volunteer for an organization with such a BIG impact on the community!

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