We’re starting a new mentoring program for Gender and Sexually Diverse (LGBTQ+) children and youth. The program will support young people who are facing social isolation, marginalization and other barriers, and need a caring adult in their life who has walked the same path. Mentors and mentees meet once a week for at least a year, doing fun activities out in the community.

Do you want to spend time with an adult who can support you, look out for you, and introduce you to LGBTQ-friendly arts, sports, history and culture?

If you are between 6 and 24 years old and identify as LGBTQ+, this program is for you. A mentor is a person who is there to help you achieve your goals in life, overcome challenges, and try new things. Your mentor will understand what it means to be LGBTQ+, and will support you and celebrate you.

Do you want to support young people in your community by demonstrating care, challenging growth, affirming their identity and expanding possibilities?

If you are over 18 years old and identify as LGBTQ+, you can apply to be a mentor. In this program, you can be a role model for a young person. Together, we can ensure that every LGBTQ+ young person has the right developmental relationship they need to be happy, healthy, and reach their full potential.


We’re not quite up and running yet, but you can express interest using the form below and when we’re ready to start recruiting, we’ll contact you!