Micah & Daniel, In-School Match

Match Spotlight

Matched January 2015 at Killarney School in Calgary, AB

“Meeting Daniel was like meeting a long lost best friend. Our first visit ended up flying by as we realized we liked all of the same things. At first, I was worried that he would be disappointed having a girl mentor instead of a boy but those worries soon disappeared after that visit. Daniel is one of my best friends and I always look forward to our visits because of how much fun we have with each activity. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make any real difference in his life but after spending so much time with him I can see his personal and social growth and I am so unbelievably proud to see the person he is growing up to be. I am so grateful for everything this program has to offer and the positive outcome it has on everyone involved. I am a better person because of Daniel and he has taught me so much.”

– Big Sister Micah

“It is really nice and I’ve learned so much it would take too long to list everything! Micah helps me make new friends and get through my days. Sometimes I have really frustrating days. But I can look forward to it and know “OK, she’ll be here in two minutes, and then OK one minute.” It’s easier to refresh with Micah and go back to my work after.”

– Little Brother Daniel

Neelam, In-school Mentor

Mentor Spotlight

First Matched December 2016 in Calgary, AB

“Recognizing the value of mentors in my life as an adult, I thought about how valuable mentoring young girls could be. Offering them a space to be themselves, develop their confidence and voice what’s on their heart. While each little sister has been different in her own way, they’ve each come with such wisdom, energy and honesty. Whether we spend our time going for a walk, doing crafts, or playing games, I walk away truly inspired and rejuvenated.”

– Big Sister Neelam

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