Christopher & Christian

Match Spotlight

Matched June 2015 in Calgary, AB

“I initially signed up as a Big Brother because I felt every human being has a duty to help, guide and mentor. Little did I know, Christian would be the teacher, and I the student. Spending time with him reminds me of the power of merely believing in someone, and being there for them. He is a kind, caring, care-free soul who has helped me understand what really matters in life. He has taught me that if we genuinely want to make an impact on someone‚Äôs life, we must start by accepting them for who they are. “

– Big Brother Christopher

“Christopher has really changed my life in a BIG BIG way. I really just like hanging out, going to car-shows, comic-con and as per tradition, we always go for ice cream.”

– Little Christian

Big Sister Judy

Mentor Spotlight

First Matched June 2007 in Calgary, AB

“I started mentoring as I had no grandchildren at the time and I wanted to spend time with children. I now have grandchildren but stay because I believe in the program and hope in some small way I can make a difference. The big smiles as I greet them tell me they enjoy their time with me as much as I do with them.”

– Big Sister Judy

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