Heather & Finn

Match Spotlight

Matched October 2017 in Airdrie, AB

“I am continually surprised by Finn. He is hands down one of the funniest people I have ever met. When ever we hang out, he always has me in stitches with his wit. Not only he is funny, Finn is extremely intelligent. So much so, that we can easily go from talking about Fortnite to existentialism, societal pressures, mathematics, history, you name it.”

– Big Sister Heather

“Heather is funny, kind, and very interesting and I would definitely recommend, 10/10. Heather has done so much to help me calm myself and get me through so many of my difficult times and has really put a new perspective on my perception of reality. Thank you.”

Sincerely; Your Good Sir, Finn

Big Sister Melissa

Mentor Spotlight

Matched April 2017 in Calgary, AB

“I always wanted to be a Big Sister, but I was never in one city long enough. Once I settled in Calgary, I was stoked to finally have time to share with someone, and keep my French language in practice. I couldn’t have asked for a better match! My ‘Little’ is awesome, smart and funny- and has really become like a little sister to me. And because we both have red hair, we fool everyone! One of our favourite things to do is hit up the board-game cafes. Those are probably my favourite times, just having a tea with my ‘Little’ and talking over Codenames or Hogwarts Battle.”

– Big Sister Melissa

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