Jenn & Ashley

Match Spotlight

Matched September 2017 in Calgary, AB

“Ashley is caring, loving and full of life. We have spent countless hours exploring nature, trying new activities, being silly and connecting over meals and coffee. Our personalities complement each other, and through mutual respect and trust we offer each other new perspectives and ways of thinking. She has taught me the power of listening, patience and how to proceed without judgement. The experience has been rewarding, and I look forward to continuing my journey with Ashley.”

– Big Sister Jenn

“With Jenn, I feel like I have a safe space to be my raw self. Accepting and even celebrating me for who I am. She has been a consistently compassionate and supportive ear for me. Always offering loving advice to help encourage me in my steps forward. Thanks to her, many moments over this past year have been consumed by joy and laughter. Thanks for being a source of sunshine in my life Jenn.”

– Big Sister Ashley

Courtney, Big Sister

Mentor Spotlight

Matched November 2012 in Calgary, AB

“I wanted to do something to help instil confidence and belief in self within my match as she navigated the not-always-easy waters of transitioning from girl to teen and, eventually, to womanhood. Looking back on my own experiences, I realized how critical it was to have strong female role models guiding me and loving me, and wanted to do the same. My favourite part of mentoring has been watching the rapid and incredible growth of my little sister over the past few years. Each time I see her, it seems she is taller, wiser, and tougher – she is doing such a good job of figuring out, coping with, and rising above the challenges in her life. If I have had any part in that, I feel absolutely rewarded. Plus, does she ever make me laugh! : )”

– Big Sister Courtney

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