Ryan & Keith

Match Spotlight

Matched May 2015 in Calgary, AB

“My favourite part about Keith is I learn so much from him. He’s just thirteen but a very well established young man and leader. He has more kindness and selflessness in his pinky finger then most adults I know and he is such an incredibly smart and creative person. I love the way his mind works and the conversations we have. I am very lucky to be apart of his life.”

– Big Brother Ryan

“Ryan and I have been matched for 3 years now. I have enjoyed every moment of it, he’s helped me through a lot of things even if he doesn’t know it and when I’m down he brings me back up whether that’s through a joke or a hug I will always appreciate what he’s done for me. And when I manage to turn a molehill into a mountain, he will always be there to help me climb it.”

– Little Brother Keith

Lohrasp, Big Brother

Mentor Spotlight

Matched November 2013 in Calgary, AB

“I wanted to be a BIG not to just give back, but to have a positive impact in someone’s life. I never thought that I would just end up loving Lyric the way that I do. He has become such a huge part of me, that I can’t imagine my life without him, and it give me indescribable joy to watch him grow up, a little each day.”

– Big Brother Lohrasp

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