The Adopt-A-Match campaign gives individuals, corporations and local businesses the opportunity to adopt one or more Big/Little matches which pairs a mentor with a local child or youth.

A recent Boston Consulting Group study revealed that donors can expect an $18 dollar return for every $1 invested in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Your investment of $1800 ensures the presence of a mentor in a young person’s life for one year and could result in $32,400 in Social Return On Investment (SROI) for your community.

By becoming a monthly donor you are empowering children and youth to reach their full potential. Monthly giving is convenient, effective and allows you to impact young people and their families, schools and communities each month of the year.

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What is the impact of your investment on the life of a child or youth? What is it like to have or be a Big Brother or Big Sister? To answer these questions, we are pleased to share with you Matched – the ongoing tale of new mentor Andy and his mentee Josh told through snippets of modern-day communications. New episodes will be emailed to all Adopt-A-Match donors and posted here.

How Matched Works