Our focus is to create and nurture one-to-one mentoring relationships for children and youth in and around Calgary who are facing adversity. Each mentoring relationship (“match”) is monitored and supported to ensure positive and meaningful relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the lives of the children and youth, their families, our mentors, and generations to follow.


In addition to the traditional one-to-one Community matches, this program offers unique opportunities for volunteers to impact the life of a young person, such as helping a high school youth discover their passions and set goals for the future, mentoring gender and sexually diverse youth, or being a consistent source of support for a child who is living in care. Within our Community-Based program, volunteers can even mentor with a spouse or partner.

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In our School-Based program, mentors spend time with their mentees in a school setting throughout the school year. Matches work on homework together, play games, or simply share stories with one another. In addition to the traditional one-to-one School matches, this program provides opportunities for teens to mentor elementary-aged kids, and for adults 50 and over to mentor kids in setting where they can also socialize with other mentors.

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Our Community-Based and School-Based programs are also offered in local communities just outside of Calgary.

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