Police Recreational Youth Mentoring Experience

PRYME (Police Recreational Youth Mentoring Experience) gives young people the unique opportunity to build positive relationships with members of the Calgary Police Services. Participants meet bi-weekly with officers and peers by participating in fun group mentoring activities at the Saddletowne YMCA and Calgary Police Service facilities.

Ages: 12-15 Years

Time Commitment: 2 hours per week, 5 weeks per session

Availability: Calgary

Build a Connection.

Go behind the scenes.

Start Something BIG!

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Mentoring Makes A Difference!

"Mentoring youth with BBBS Calgary has provided great benefits for both myself and the youth who participate in the program. The youth are learning valuable social skills while participating in an active lifestyles program, benefitting both their health and wellbeing. As a mentor, I am getting an opportunity to fine tune my leaderships skills and re-connect with the younger generation in a fun and social atmosphere"

- Cst. Jeremy Shaw

Youth who have been mentored are 48% less likely to have behaviour problems at school

- Boston Consulting Group Research



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